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5 Inspirations Gotten From TTO 4×400 Meters Relay Victory

5 Inspirations Gotten From TTO 4×400 Meters Relay Victory

The picture below represents the victory of Trinidad and Tobago (TTO) 4×400 meters relay final @ the World Athletics Championship in London 2017.

Did you see what their victory faces looks like?

Yes it sure looks like Gold! Because they remarkably won and made an history for TTO of winning the Gold medal for the first time. Trinidad and Tobago shocked Team USA’s men in the 4×400 meters relay final during the Sunday’s 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships, preventing the double on the final day of the event.

You may be wondering why bring this story up to begin the week. The simple answer is that this inspiration is for you. I learnt so much from this victory that I couldn’t keep all the lessons to myself. Like it’s always said if you want to be great identify with greatness at all times.


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  1. No Matter How Little your talent/gift/skill is, if you consistently sharpen and develop it you will earn yourself a Gold Medal soon; Now Trinidad and Tobago happen to be a small nation in the Caribbean but remarkably have been able to place themselves firmly in the international sports since 1948. Despite the fact that they have been running the relay race since 1948 they have never for once made the gold medal yet they never gave up. Wow what a Gold after 69 years.
  2. Today I’m pretty sure a lot of people are just realizing there’s a country called Trinidad and Tobago, lol, why? It’s simple! People only remember those who have succeeded, nothing more. Beautiful people until you consistently push yourself through to success your impact will not be felt. So stop feeling bad,depressed, and alone, work on yourself and get better because soon those customers or investors who didn’t patronize you before will come looking for you, or those who doubted you before will soon come celebrating you.
  3. Don’t Get Too Comfortable with your Current Level of Success, if not your value will drop exponentially and your competitors will flood the market with their ground breaking research, attitudes, and skills. The USA men team where so confident while they were leading all the while during the race but just before they got to the finish line the TTO last man to finish the relay race picked up a speed that no one saw coming and gbam he won, or rather they won. Was it their fault that the USA team didn’t see that speed coming? Oh not at all. Be alert at all times. Be and Do your Best at all times no matter if you’re wining already.
  4. The Finishing Point is Everything; Every heard of the saying “better is the end of a thing than the beginning” Yes dear! Your beginning may not be too good but all this can change if you identify the errors, improve on them, change your strategies where need be and give the world a finished product that will always be on demand.
  5. Always Think of the Victory you stand to lose if you give up; You never can tell the generations you stand to impact if finally you allow tenacity win. What will happen if you give up; Your name will not be known, you won’t even know your worth, you’ll always be full of regrets, and you wouldn’t know how many you let down by just that one act of giving up.

Today it’s on record that a small nation known as Trinidad and Tobago won the gold medal. Congrats to them once more on this victory.

Questions for the Week

  • What will you be known for?
  • What are your current challenges and how are you dealing with them?
  • How inspired are you to succeed today and always?
  • What are you doing to achieve your next victory?
  • Will your generation be proud of the story they come to hear of you?

I am PAT IMA and I choose to succeed at all times.
God bless you all
I wish you a successful week
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