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5 Irresponsible Mistakes You Shouldn’t Avoid When It Comes To Relationships.

5 Irresponsible Mistakes You Shouldn’t Avoid When It Comes To Relationships.
5 Irresponsible Mistakes You Shouldn’t Avoid When It Comes To Relationships.

It can really be interesting taking a glimpse into peoples relationship life. I don’t think I’m a perfect guy but one fact I don’t forget is the rules to follow about getting into relationships. Someone once asked me if love actually exists and I was like “hell yes” because it actually does and I’m sure it actually exists. I feel really bad when I see certain things people do cause of a single relationship and blame it on love.

5 Irresponsible Mistakes You Shouldn’t Avoid When It Comes To Relationships.

  • Dating Because Your Friends Are All Dating

I always see many folks begin to search for a lover at all cost simply because their friends are all dating and they don’t want to be left off the scene. To me, I consider it stupidity, I feel there are much more pride and joy in being single. Besides, there is this saying which states that ‘the patient dog eats the fattest bone’ i feel it applies to relationships.

  • Changing Your Way Of Life To Suite Him/Her

This is one hell of a mistake people make. When both of you met, you were never told that you needed amendments in certain areas, you welcome your Mr/Mrs. Right and soon you begin to get complaints like “you’re too fat, slim down”, “I don’t like the way you walk”, “blah, blah, blah…”.

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You start feeling bad that he/she doesn’t appreciate most things about you. Dear, you are just hurting yourself for no reason. Get on your good moods and tell him you are just the way you were when they met you so if they ain’t satisfied, they are free to make use of the door and get off your life. I’m not saying making little amendments like “a change in attitude” is bad, it’s not bad but don’t change your entire being cos of them.

  • Not Everyone Who Comes To You Are Meant To Be Dated

This is just one truth we seem to forget. I believe that everyone who comes into my life is there to either add or subtract. Same way I also feel not every good person who comes into my life is meant to join my lovers’ list. True friends are far better than regular lovers and when you know that, you know the best way to keep people who cross your path. Some are there as friends, some as foes, some are relatives from different bloodlines and only one is a lover.

  • Seeking Friends Opinion Before Acceptance

You think you have minute feelings for him. he has 85% of the qualities you need in your boo. He proposes to you, your heart shouts yes immediately but you still say I’ll think about it. What was the heck that for? Funny enough, that your friend is deeply in love with him, do you expect her to allow you accept his request? The answer is “hell NO” she also wants that cake and she wouldn’t let it slip off her grips. Besides, I believe its just a sign of immaturity.

  • Dating Someone You barely know

Wow!…to me, this is the main reason why relationships are failing. You meet him/her at a mall, he/she treats you nicely. you begin to feel attracted and in less than a month you two are dating. This is arrant stupidity. In fact, it is not love but infatuation. Finally, after a couple of weeks or months, every slight thing that happens becomes a war between both of you.

This is simply because you were not wise in making decisions.  “slow and steady wins the race” If he is for real, he would stick around longer.

This is just my opinion, the way you run your life is simply your own choice. My teacher at school once told me “when you center your activities on what people say or do, you end up being a stranger to yourself“. Your choices are the real you soo keep it real!.

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