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CampusMuster is an educational website comprising of Campus Music, Campus Plaza, Campus Life, Campus Tech and Guide, Nigerian School News, Campus Health, Musterpreneur and an Online Radio with inspirational, motivational and entertaining shows and podcast from students from various colleges in the world.

Does it sound confusing? Hang let me break it down for you.

CampusMuster is a voice for students who are willing to create a change, students who know the truth and are ready to stand by it.

  • It’s a directory where students who have impacted the world can leave a note of hope, inspiration, and motivation to fellows who find it difficult to believe in themselves.

Campus Music

Campus Music is the largest collection of hot, trending and latest music, tracks, and albums from student artist across various Nigerian universities. We also have spoken word, motivational and inspiration podcasts from students art, campus chapels and speaker.

DJs and Producers are not left out. We are monthly mixtapes from the hottest DJs on your campus and free instrumentals for your listening pleasures.


Musterpreneur is a subsidiary of CampusMuster were dreams and imagination are converted and optimized. Branding it to become an establishment benefiting to the student and its environment. We connect the students to investors.

It is a platform where young college entrepreneurs with lucrative, witty and innovative ideas, inventions but unable to afford advertisement fee on popular magazines, websites, the radio or TV stations due to the high price of promotion can simply advertise and promote their businesses for free.

Campus Games

We understand that all work without play makes Jake dull that is why we have refused to deprive you of your amusement.

Campus Games helps student refresh their mind after a hectic day or stressful school activity. In case your test did not turn out the way you expected, please note; you cannot come and go and kill yourself. Let Campus Game help you stay positive and optimistic.

Try Games Like:

We create opportunities for students through the introduction advertisement from student aimed investors (The Why, When and Where to participate in an internship during vacations.

The list is inexhaustible. We might create a Wikipedia if we try to explain all our goodies but as your need increases we upgrade and introduce more programs all for you. Never miss out on anything.

Do not fantasize about these descriptions. Visit the and see it all for yourself.

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