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Are you addicted to pornography? Read this to break free

Are you addicted to pornography? Read these to break free

Pornographic addiction is now a global Problem, take it or leave it. If you view phonographic materials, you are not alone because according to the following data millions of people now watch pornography everyday:

  • EVERY SECOND: Nearly 30,000 persons view pornographic Web sites.
  • EVERY MINUTE: Internet users send more than 7 MILLION pornographic materials.
  • EVERY HOUR: Nearly TWO hard-core pornographic videos are released in the United States Alone, making it accessible worldwide
  • EVERY MONTH: Nearly 7 out of 10 young men and 3 out of 10 young women view pornography.
  • EVERY YEAR: The global pornography industry generates an estimated $100 BILLION (U.S.D).

Looking at the data above one would ask a question: Is pornography really harmful?

First, I have to tell you that I’m a Christian and there’s no way I can treat this important topic without using the Bible because it’s actually what has helped me to keep from this global scourge.

Pornography is highly toxic, extremely degrading and addictive; in fact, some experts have doubted if it is possible to break free from pornography. These are the reasons experts have doubted the possibility of breaking free from it:

  • Pornography has a cumulative effect: The more you view it, the harder it is to break free from.
  • Pornography is so secretive that a person might continue to view it for years without anybody getting to know about it.
  • An addicted person is most likely to continue viewing it even after marriage and despite having so many sexual mates.
  • Those who view pornography long for it just the way smoker long for cigarettes and the same way drug addicts do.

Don’t be disturbed by what the experts have said, YOU CAN AND WILL DEFINITELY BREAK FREE FROM PORNOGRAPHIC ADDICTION. This article will show you a way out because this content relies on a source of help that is not known to the experts: The Bible and the God of the Bible; the author of this article too is willing to assist you break free if you contact him.

Lies about Pornography

People have said so many untrue things about pornography and some believe them to be true even though reality has shown otherwise, see some of those things below:

Lie: Viewing Pornography will never hurt you.

Consider this: What would you say if someone told you doing drugs will never hurt you or smoking will never hurt you?

Fact: Pornography does to your mind what smoking does to your lungs; it does to your brain and system what drugs do, it pollutes you. It makes you think about sex continually and when you see the opposite sex, the major thing you’ll think about them would be their sexual attributes.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Lie: Only Pornography will teach you about sex and how to enjoy it.

Consider this: God created sex (He purposefully created both male and female sexual organs, these organs exist in animals too), but He did not explain how we should make sex because he has given us the instinct (He gave the animals too). Also note that those who manufacture pornography are known to be of loose moral conducts, do you really think people of this low moral standard can teach you something good about what the holy God created?

Fact: Pornography teaches you about greed. It reduces people to mere sex objects and implies that they exist solely for your selfish pleasure. Not surprisingly, one study concluded that those who habitually view pornography are less likely to experience sexual fulfillment after marriage.

We need to use the Bible here, read the Bible Book of Colossians 3:5; it tells us to shun “sexual immorality, uncleanness, uncontrolled sexual passion, hurtful desire, and greediness”—These are the things that pornography promotes.

Lie: Those who reject pornography are excessively concerned about sex

Fact: People who reject pornography have an elevated view of sex. They see that it is a gift created by God to enhance the bond between a man and a woman who are married and committed to each other. Those with that view are likely to experience greater sexual fulfillment after marriage. Proverbs 5:18-19 tells husbands: “Rejoice with the wife of your youth. . . May you be captivated by her love constantly.”

Problems associated with viewing of Pornography

Effect on individuals: Pornography is highly addictive, with some researchers and therapists even likening it to crack cocaine.

An addict relates: “Nothing would stop me. I felt like I was in some sort of trance. I would literally shake and develop pains in my head. I struggled to stop, but years later I was still addicted.”

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People who indulge in pornography often cover up their habit. They are secretive and deceitful. Not surprisingly, many suffer from feelings of isolation, shame, anxiety, depression, and anger. In some cases, they even develop suicidal tendencies. “My mood became self-absorbed and desperate,” says Serge, who downloaded porn to his mobile phone almost daily. “I felt worthless, guilty, alone, and trapped. I was too embarrassed and scared to seek help.”

Dr. Judith Reisman, a leading researcher on pornography, said: “Pornographic visual images imprint can alter the brain, triggering an instant, involuntary, but lasting, biochemical memory trail [that is] difficult or impossible to delete.” Susan, 19, who was exposed to pornographic Web sites, relates: “The images are engraved on my mind. They pop up unexpectedly. It feels like I will never completely be able to erase them.”

No doubt Pornography enslaves and wreaks havoc on its victims.—2 Peter 2:19.

Effect on families: The Book -The Porn Trap sayscouples and families break up over porn”

Pornography damages marriages and families by:

  • Undermining marital trust, intimacy, and love.—Proverbs 2:12-17.
  • Promoting selfishness, emotional aloofness, and dissatisfaction with one’s mate.—Ephesians 5:28, 29.
  • Fueling unhealthy sexual fantasies and cravings.—2 Peter 2:14.
  • Tempting users to force objectionable sex practices on their mate.—Ephesians 5:3, 4.
  • Promoting emotional and physical infidelity.—Matthew 5:28.

No doubt: Pornography poisons loving relationships and ultimately brings heartache and pain.


Are you addicted to pornography, do these to break free

  1. Pray to God from your heart: The very first thing you’ll need to do is to tell God about this problem, thank him for letting you know the danger in what you’re doing and express a serious desire to quite. Now, beg him to give you his Holy Spirit, this spirit gives you power beyond what his normal to quite. The Almighty God can give you holy spirit, empowering you “both to will and to act.” (Philippians 2:13) If you yield to its leading, it will help you to conquer wrong “passions and desires.”—Galatians 5:16,24. You will also need to tell him you don’t want to go back into the habit.

2. Ask for help from others: Confiding in others will take courage and determination. Yet, it is a vital step toward conquering the addiction and reconnecting with loved ones—James 5:16. See what someone said: “Pornography addiction is so secretive and shameful that you feel you can’t ask for help. You think you can beat it by yourself. But that is not true. You can beat it only with help. So I swallowed my pride and opened up to my wife. I also sought the help of a trusted friend. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do, but I got the help I needed.”

But, make sure you talk to someone matured spiritually, not just anybody

3. Identify what actually makes you view pornography. What situations, thoughts, or emotions trigger wrong desires? Surfing the Internet? Watching late-night TV? Reading magazines? Visiting the beach? Being hungry, angry, alone, or tired?  Identify your weaknesses, and avoid them like the plague. Jesus said: “If, now, that right eye of yours is making you stumble, tear it out and throw it away from you.”—Matthew 5:29. The faithful Bible patriarch Job said: “I have made a solemn promise never to look with lust at a girl.”—Job 31:1, Today’s English Version.

4. Add more spiritual strength. Fill your mind with wholesome thoughts, and fill your life with spiritual activities. The Bible states: “Whatever things are true, whatever things are of serious concern, whatever things are righteous, whatever things are chaste, whatever things are lovable, whatever things are well spoken of, whatever virtue there is and whatever praiseworthy thing there is, continue considering these things . . . , and the God of peace will be with you.”—Philippians 4:8, 9.

This might not be easy for you, but you’ll have to do it: You must read the Bible daily. Pray to God before you read it, tell God your heart desires, think deeply on what you read and pray to God after reading to give you the power to apply what you read.

After thinking deeply on the above article, download this worksheet and it will help you break free from Pornography.

Workbook on how to reject Pornography

The above worksheet is from, the official website of Jehovah’s witnesses.


This article has been put together by Bolaji Dawodu, you can reach him via [email protected]

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Are you addicted to pornography? Read this to break free

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