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Exam is here again!’ Someone would exclaim. The fear of sitting in that hall for three long hours or less grips your soul. The fear of getting the ink stained on that sheet of paper rules over you. Fear becomes your companion, and the thought of calmness is far away which is not meant to be.

You know what? It isn’t to late to turn that ‘F’ (you are supposed to have due to poor grades in the test) into an ‘A’. Its easy turning an ‘F’ into an ‘A’ – just a vertical line connecting the two  horizontal lines will transform the ‘F’ into an’A’.

It is similarly very easy to apply this to your academics – just  put in an effort proportional to the result you’re expecting and you’ll be extremely surprised at the outcome. I almost forgot,its (post) Valentine’s season and love should be everywhere. You can connect the season with the circumstance, let your love for an ‘A’ be seen, study with love and passion.

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Your test performance does not stop you from having at least a ‘B’ in every course. Its not too difficult because you are brave, you are strong, you are intelligent, you can do this. The mere fact that you scaled through the admission process means you have all it takes to shine academically. Just position your mind for success, work towards it, believe in yourself and have confidence in what you know. Do not let anyone deceive you.

Those scoring ‘As’ are not better than you. They only look better because you have let them. Challenge them, challenge yourself and you’ll definitely get to meet with success. You may not have attended lectures but you can’t fix that now. What matters now is your scaling through these exams (not jump and pass). You can always get notes and materials from course mates and do all you can (not the illegals….) to make sure you do not get back to re-register any course by next session.

From the depth of my heart, I pray and wish every student of this citadel of learning a very fruitful time. When I write this, I mean getting your labor rewarded. If you haven’t labored, its not too late to start…


Team CM.

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