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Build a bridge


Politics is like an island

Everyone knows it’s on high land

Having strong gates made of iron

It’s as strong as a lion

How can the people get to it with no amour?

Build a bridge

It is on one end and we are on the other

We cannot even perceive the odor

Of the looters and hoarders

But we know politics will be our saviour

How do we get connected to this favor?

Build a bridge

We live in political ignorance

Because of this space and hindrance

We’ve got all the tolerance

But there is a million miles as the distance

We have been disconnected with no insurance

Build a bridge

Politics can make a change

But we cannot be found within the range

We are wondering somewhere very strange

We are trapped as if in a cage

We need to get out and be a part of this age

Build a bridge

Politics can be linked to this generation

And this will call for celebration

Because it has always been our aspiration

To live a life of admiration

Why don’t we give the permission?

Build a bridge

Getting linked to politics will cost nothing

But this connection will bring something

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Giving us wisdom about everything

And placing us on high above kings

Getting connected is the is the only key

Build a bridge

Building the bridge to get to our colony

And enjoy the political sound and melody

Else, our lives will be an irony

Because we will not be placed in the hierarchy

And politics will become a mere philosophy

Build a bridge

I always sit to wonder

If anyone thinks its right to ponder

And look into the gains politics has at its borders

But the people and politics have been placed asunder

There is a need for us to get yonder

Build a bridge

Opportunity, they say comes but once

She can come if only given a chance

I know she knocks more than thrice

But we do not hear her voice

With no link to politics, our voice will be termed as “noise”

Build a bridge

Do we want to continue in want?

And harvest like ants?

Then, we need to get into the ark

Else we will be separated as if with an axe

Now that there is no question to ask

Build a bridge

Building a bridge to politics will take us higher

Just like we are climbing a tower

Using a very high ladder

This can never get lower

And it will never get slower

Making our world better

Build the bridge.

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