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Don’t By-Pass The Process

Don’t By-Pass The Process

Meaning of the “Process” in this context

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  • A series of events to produce a result.
  • (manufacturing) A set of procedures used to produce a product, most commonly in the food and chemical industries.

As a young girl while growing up, I did not exactly understand why I had to experience or go through a lot of hurdles. In my little mind then as I thought, everything should just be brought to the table with ease. What I didn’t know was that what I was going through at that time was a process, not until later in life when I began experiencing the excellency of the results birthed from what I had gone through, (#The_Process).

According to Taiwo Ogunkoya; “IF GOLD IS YOUR GOAL, FIRE WILL BE YOUR PASSAGE”. Yes dear there’s no two way about it if you must get gold then fire will definitely be your passage. The process is very important, the process is what yields results.

Now the process takes time, so you will need to be patient. Just as it takes an egg approximately 12 mins to get cooked once boiled, everything including your life has it’s timing. Rather than avoid the process and get sickly results, stay focus on what to learn and do to get scrupulous results.

The process is usually a learning phase, if you willingly learn instead of considering the stresses involved, you will not only evolve but you will get transforming results.

The process should not be rushed; if out of desperation and anxiety to obtain results, you decide to cut the process short, you will most likely just like the boiling egg obtain a half done result. An egg when not properly cooked for the minimum number of minutes required will definitely yield a soft fragile-like mass whereas the goal was to achieve a hard boiled egg. 

The process should be full of investments; it’s a beautiful thing to go through the phase of processing but it is best to maximize the process by investing in the process.
This will include; Acquiring skills, Following up and Learning from mentors who has gone through that phase and succeeded, Studying more, and Discovering yourself better.

The phase requires taking note of details because it is the documented details that replicates results. Don’t go through a process without taking note of significant details. For instance if you hit your leg against a stone fixed to the ground on your street, if you don’t take note of it, you’ll most likely hit the same stone over and over again therefore making you stupid because you refused to take note.

THE process is vital, the process is key, the process is essential.

If you must obtain results, DON’T BYPASS THE PROCESS.

I am PAT IMA and I am a product of the PROCESS.
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