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What won’t kill me would make me stronger – Student entrepreneur shares his experience


Emmanuel Orok - Musterpreneur

3rd Episode of Musterpreneur

Team CM: Hello Musters, welcome to the 3rd episode of the CampusMuster original series Musterpreneur which aimed at revealing the hidden figures on campus.

Today, we have another great entrepreneur from Auchi Polytechnic. You’re welcome, Sir.

Guest: Thank you very much, I am happy to be with you…

Team CM: It is a pleasure to have you on the program. Please tell us your name, and a little bit about yourself.

Emmanuel Orok: My name is Orok Emmanuel. I graduated 3 years ago from Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi. From the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am from Akwa Ibom State, Nsit Ubium LGA precisely.

Team CM: Can brief us of your family background?

Emmanuel Orok: Anyway nothing much about my family. I am the first born of a family of 3(2 boys and a girl?)

Team CM: It is necessary to ask about your family because most people think businesses are for rich kids. Do you agree with that?

Emmanuel Orok: Hahaha. That thought is so contradicting, I was born into a wealthy home but the table turned along the line I lost my mum

Team CM: My sympathies. It must have been a hard time for you. We understand that you are a student and entrepreneur. Please tell us, what do you do?

Emmanuel Orok: The name of my business is EmmRock Electricals, it has been in existence for the past 5 years but was as a subsidiary to other Contractors. It was officially established on 1-09-2017. We are located at Ekpene Ntan Street off Ikpa road, Uyo.

Team CM: What type of products or service does EmmRock Electricals offer?

Emmanuel Orok: EmmRock Electricals has its motto to be “Lighting your world” and it is the pillar to which we stand. We provide and sell;

  1. Fire alarm systems
  2. Intercommunications installations
  3. Electric fence installations
  4. Design, domestic and conduit wiring.
  5. Solar systems supply and installations.
  6. Inverters supply and installations.
  7. CCTV installations.
  8. General contractors

Team CM: Amazing, this is so huge. Of all the business sectors, why electricity?

 Emmanuel Orok: Hahahahaha. From childhood, I was always this inquisitive type, especially when it comes to anything that can bring forth light. There is never a week I never got an electric shock. I believed what won’t kill me would only make me stronger and possibly earn a living with.

Team CM: Hilarious quote you’ve got there. “What won’t kill you would put money in your pocket”

Let’s talk about the startup. Did you start with a large capital?

Emmanuel Orok: Absolutely, it required a large capital but not an enormous one because when we were a subsidiary, we came to realize that this kind of business is all about contracts.

I started with just some little amount of money I worked and still working a mobile business also.

Team CM: How did you handle business and academics?

Emmanuel Orok: Hmmm. “e no easy ooo” My brother our people do say – “who no go no know”

Believe me, balancing it, is not easy but I would place business and academics on a percentage of 75 and 25 respectively.

Team CM: It takes a lot of honesty to admit that. Most people would say it simple just do the work in the day and read at night, forgetting that lectures take place in the daytime too.

However, in the Polytechnic, we were thought about how to manage time. It takes more than the grace of God to focus.

Team CM: What is the impact of your business on your personality and wellbeing?

Emmanuel Orok: It’s has truly changed my perspective about life 8years ago. For my well being it has been lucrative enough at least to meet the little needs of a young bachelor.

Team CM: Does your business cause any significant change in the economy of the country?

Emmanuel Orok: Of course,  it does. I am sure you’re fully aware of the power challenges we having in the country, the Inverters and solar system I supply and install is quite economical compared to generators, fuel, and diesel.

The CCTV helps in serious surveillance as far as the public and private sector are concerned.

Team CM: What are the challenges you have faced so far?

Emmanuel Orok: My main challenges our clients. Some of them want cheap services, and at times they want you to go against Engineering and IEEE standards to get a job done. On many occasions that I lost contracts because I refused to heed to their suggestions on providing substandard services.

Another challenge is, most of the materials used are imported and not locally made. It’s stressful and takes days or weeks to arrive site.

Team CM: How do you face these challenges?

Emmanuel Orok: The truth is, I can’t argue always with clients, but one has to be diplomatic on explaining to them. Hence, I believe by standing my grounds and making sure what we doing is right, then try to convince them. As part of our long term plans, we would be producing most of such materials locally.

Team CM: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Emmanuel Orok: I see myself standing really strong as a good entrepreneur, having about 60 employees. So as to salvage the situation of unemployment in the country

Team CM: Are you open to investors?

Emmanuel Orok: Yes, we are open to investors. The EmmRock Electricals we see as a seed today would someday be a fig tree.

Team CM: What would you like to appeal to them considering your business?

Emmanuel Orok: I would appeal for reference, publicity and possibly financial empowerment

Team CM: Do you encourage self-empowerment and skill acquisition?

Emmanuel Orok: Self-empowerment, skill acquisition and their need for economic development/growth cannot be overemphasized. To be frank with us all, the white collar jobs are limited if not exhausted. I truly encourage it and I urge all youths to embrace it.

Team CM: What last words do you have for students who are still contemplating how to start up a business or those who are about to give up because it’s not going as they expected?

Emmanuel Orok: Come on future leaders, it can only get better. Learn a trade, develop a passion to discover and use your talents.

You are unique in your own way. Don’t be scared of failure because that’s what would make you appreciate success. Don’t give up, push ahead and always believe that you can make it.

Team CM: To those who would love to reach out to you, can you drop your contact details?

Emmanuel Orok: Very well, there is no good businessman that conceals his contact.

08039194103 or 08052895151. You can follow me on Facebook @EmmRock Electricals Co.

Email: [email protected]

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