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The Essence of Information to Every Generation


It was a hot summer afternoon when Papa had a heart failure. We were so disoriented as we rushed him to the hospital. Hours later, after some resuscitation and all the doctors could do, we gained hopes again. “His heartbeat is getting stable” smiled the doctor and our hearts beamed with joy.

The human heart is the centre of life – as long as it beats, there is hope and a chance that it’s owner will be back on his feet any moment. Similarly, I’d like to ask you these questions;

What is the heartbeat of every generation?

What is the most important thing needed by a generation?

What do you need to build a sustainable society?

Your guess is as good as mine – INFORMATION. Or is that not your guess? If not, pardon me but information is the heartbeat of every generation.

Let me clear your doubts by first defining the key terms as used in this context – I will use heartbeat to mean the most vital or important thing; and information as some of us know is “the things that are or can be known about something or a given topic; this implies – communicable knowledge about something”.

Having seen the definitions, imagine what your world (yes! Your world) would look like or how it will be without you knowing the road to your house, without you even knowing your name or where you came from. Now, imagine how the earth and your generation will be without information – black and blank.

There will be no growth, no development in every sphere of life – medicine, engineering, law, finance, education, without information. Information is to every generation what salt is to a soup. Without salt, the real taste of the soup is missing and sometimes, the soup can be rendered useless.

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No generation can make an impact, no generation can leave a footprint on the sand of time, no generation can provide anything needed for a sustainable society. With your permission, I’ll like to take a close look at some of the importance of information.

Importance Of Information

Information gives birth to inventions – have you ever thought of the source of inventions? If you have, was your answer the same as mine? Definitely, information is the mother of inventions. In the early ages, man used fire as a source of light at night when it was dark.

The fire put man’s life in danger as he could either get burnt by the fire or it could engulf the entire place. Someone thought of what man was going through and knew something had to be done. The information – the need for a safer source of light occurred to him.

Small lamps were made and someone else came up with the idea of guarding the fire. Today, we also have electric power supply in almost every part of the world which makes life worth living. This development – the inventions were birthed by the presence of the information on the need for a safer source of light.

In addition, information sends problems packing early. Wow! What a funny but practical sentence. Can you remember the creation story? How was man when created by God? What did he wear and where did he live? Is everything still as it was in the beginning? In the creation story, when Adam and Eve discovered ( had information) that they were naked, they immediately gathered leaves and covered themselves.

That was the end of man’s nakedness and the birth of fashion. Today, many designers keep seeing the need to produce wears for a particular class of people in a certain style. In another development, when they (Adam and Eve) were sent out of the garden, they had the need of a home.

It occurred to them (they had information) that living in open air and amidst wild animals was not good for them – they found shelter in caves and sent homelessness packing. With information about our problems, we will always try to proffer solutions and this will make our generation to be remembered in years to come.

In conclusion, there is too much to be said or written about information being the heartbeat of every generation than can be written in this article. People now know the importance of information and as a result, a lot of books are written, a lot of blogs and websites (like are developed.

Lots of television and radio programs are presented and a lot of libraries and research centres are built – to help disseminate information. Even schools are not left out on this great achievement in the quest to provide reliable information for all: we have ineffable libraries we can always run to for information on any topic.

Information is that which changes lives, societies and generations. There is no doubt why it is written in the Bible “my people perish for lack of knowledge (information)”. Be informed today and erase the problems of tomorrow. Stay informed no matter what. Information should be like the blood that runs through your veins.

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