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Genotype – Save Yourself From Heartbreaks, Protect The Unborn From Predicaments

Save Yourself From Heartbreaks, Protect The Unborn From Predicaments

As a Pharmacist I’ve seen a lot of people ask questions on their genotype and blood group only when they’re close to getting married. This practice of waiting for the last hour before knowing the inevitable is so wrong and not healthy.

Most often than non 45% of those about to get married end up with tears and pain in their hearts when they stare at the reality of the results. What is really my concern? Be knowledgeable on time and act on the knowledge acquired on time.

I met a friend just last week who was crying bitterly to me when she realized that she and her fiance` were about to end their 4 years journey of love to forever due to a test result.
What was the test result? I wondered. It was just a simple genotype test, she was AS and the guy was also AS.

Hmm! Now there are 3 types of genotype;
1. AA
2. AS
3. SS

From the options above you can only belong to either 1,or 2, or 3. Now if you belong to type 1 above you’re save and can marry anybody of your choice, Praise God for you.
But if you belong to type 2 & 3 then we need to talk some serious talk.

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If you’re AS like myself this is the possible match you can marry unless you have some really rugged faith do not I repeat do not attempt a match that will endanger your unborn.
AS + AA = 100% save babies; no sickle cell babies that is what I mean.
AS + AS = Probabilities of save babies; Chances of sickle cell babies, 25%-50%, as the case may be.
AS + SS= Do not try this EVER

Chances of sickle cell babies is 50%-75%, as the case may be. While love is essential in relationships, knowledge is more vital. If you’re SS, the only advisable match for you is to marry an AA. Why the need for this knowledge? So that you can save yourself from avoidable dilemmas.


  1. Start by knowing your Genotype early enough, if possible do the test up to 3 times in different medical laboratories just to be sure.
  2. Find out the implications of the test result just in case you are not aware.
  3. Ask questions before engaging in a serious relationship.
  4. Where the other party is not aware of the importance of a genotype test, make them realise the importance.
  5. To avoid giving birth to sickle-cell babies talk to a health professional for proper guidance.
  6. If you must marry, acquire knowledge and be prepared for the consequences.

My advice;

Please don’t bring a child into this world to suffer a fate he/she never bargained for due to your ignorance and refusal to do what is best for the future. Genotype test is a simple test that can save you a great deal of pain.

Next time I’ll talk on the implications of Blood group. Like and follow our page Pat Ima for more interesting write up. Drop your questions for answers if you need more enlightenment in the comment section below.

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