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I Broke Up With My Girl Friend Just To Pass My WASCE – Did It Pay Off?

I Broke Up With My Girl Friend Just To Pass My WASCE - Did It Pay Off?

Facebook notified me of a picture I shared 3 years ago. I took the picture a day after I broke up with my girlfriend. I decided to take out few hours to right on how I Broke Up With My Girl Friend Just To Pass My WASCE . Do you think it was worth it? Let the article tell the tale.

This is funny and very personal though, I hate to think about it. I am still wondering what prompted that but can’t tell. We were both students of the prestigious Federal Government College, Ikot Ekpene, same level but different classrooms. She was Igbo and I was the opposite (Hahaha), I never spoke with her before but I used to see her around and I heard she had a senior brother (blessed memory) a class ahead of us, that was enough reason to disengage any romantic feeling (I was too young to die young).

I met her on 2go (I am sure you can relate) during the holiday. She was friendly, loving, cute, kind-hearted, loving and loving. I mistakenly told her I was single (greatest mistake), we got close and shared personal information but I was very careful not to propose.

After the holiday, I went back to school. The evening of resumption, her twin brother and his friends (7 of them) came to my house (Gongola House) telling me I was the best thing that has happened to her sister. I didn’t understand and I wasn’t ready to understand what they were saying.

Two days after, her senior brother sent for me (oh! who sent me). He was fair and much cuter than his sibling. When I met Him he asked me to narrate everything – I did (with all amount of accuracy).  Lo, and below he congratulated me and told me He will kill me if I broke her sister’s heart.

A day after we separated, I was all suited up for some real stuff.

Green Light, Pom Pom! We were officially seeing each other. Travel to her classroom, she would do same. Walked to the refectory together, “Pinnacle of Glory” (I am sorry, I can’t explain what that means – Only an alumnus will understand), I never missed morning jogging again and during extensions.

We went on and on until our SS3 First term. West African Certificate Examination was a pen throw and I was sure that my failure was working out in my village square. I tried reading, each word was translated to love (OMG, I was in love). I lost concentration, focus and I was in love.

There was a common saying in school

It all ends in blue gate

I didn’t want mine to be that way but I was sure either way it will still end. She came from a rich family and from the Nigerian setting he has 90% chances of getting into the university. My Mum will kill you before you even suggest any funny academic shortcut.

I wasn’t ready to stay an extra year at home. My junior brother Daniel Bassey and school son Mmekut-Abasi were directly looking up to me. I couldn’t afford to fail. At this stage, fear was the real deal.

“Emmm! i i i, emmmm! I i think we need to to to kinda you know break up like not real life break up but you know stop seeing each other for sometime” – I rehearse my break up speech.

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There was no other time to do it better. After graduation, she would travel back to her state and I would remain in mine so if there anytime to do it better it would be now. I have anger issues ( I mean real life anger issues), I learnt how to convert it to a positive energy using it to change my life or do something good. I knew extraordinary things await me, the energy I need to read like never before was in the breakup but I wasn’t ready to break her heart.

During that period, my mum got extremely sick. I had to stay back from school for weeks. On returning, I heard she was getting intimate with one of his brother’s friends. Thank you, Jesus, I screamed and on behalf of that opportunity, we separated. I knew that guy was just wasting his time (if you want to know how I knew that – use the comment box wisely) at least there was someone to occupy the space.

I asked myself – What if after all this you still don’t make it, will you ever forgive yourself? Study, pray and study till I make it. there are no two ways about it. –  I answered.

The whole school hated me her junior sister’s friends, her friends, her brothers’ friends even my best friend DJ Virus. Motivational and inspirational messages came from colleagues who barely said, Hi. I was in soup (Well prepared Egusi with Goat Meat and stock fish).

I was rejected but thank God for my house and cubicle mates –  Eric Goddfrey, Assiak Williams, Testimony AKA Balls and Iniubong Attat (Attatie). They kept telling me – I know you are the man, just do your thing it will pay you off. One of them used to tell me he also needed a break but he didn’t know where, why, how and when to.

I got into my avatar state. I joined forces with Edidiong-Brown, Nsikanabasi Ita, Bobbie (Dining Hall prefect), John Enoidem and a host of them. That was my study pals, we studied together and we all made it together.

Look at me now! By the way,

Me: I am still single

You: So you can break up with me to pass your final exams

Me: Exactly, how did you know? you must be very smart.

Today, I am 300 Level Civil Engineering Student at Akwa Ibom State University. John is a Mechanical Engineering Student, same school, same level. Edidiong is a 300 Level Student studying Insurance at the University of Uyo. Nsikanabasi Ita is studying Theater Art in the same as Edidiong and he is making waves in his career.

My then girlfriend is studying Mechanical Engineering, 300 Level University of Portharcourt. I am sure she has gotten herself a new boyfriend. Oops! Are you surprised because I am not?

Conclusion: It pays to make a strong decision. Like my friend, Faith Etuk would say JUST DO IT. Your future is worth 99 times more than what you have now.

I lost contact with her after graduation and I will love to hear from her again. please kindly share this article til it
gets to her. I want her to know that I had to do it for my future and now we are even. If you have questions for my please
leave it in the comment section directly below this post. if you’re reading from another site. Visit use the live chat button to contact me.

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