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I Kissed Failure Goodbye By Pat Ima | My Success Story

I Kissed Failure Goodbye By Pat Ima | My Success Story
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Some years ago while in pharmacy school I wrote a course and failed. Honestly speaking it took me by surprise because I was popular in the pharmacy school plus I was one of the top ranking brilliant student. Did you say Failed? Yes dear I too had a share of my own failure.

I remembered going to the board that day with the full confidence of a believing christian after praying and fasting prior to the set date of the result. I declared so many prophetic words before getting to the board but with all the faith I had I could not stop my racing heart which if checked would probably have been beating at 100 beats/min.

Ladies and Gentle men behold the results were pasted and I saw “FAILED TO REPEAT”, Wow! I exclaimed, I started laughing uncontrollably. The failure that year in the department was massive so people flocked the board.

When a friend saw me laughing he smiled and asked; You made it through right? He did not stop there, he went further to say “I know your type, una no dey carry last”. That was when I realized that I had not only failed myself but the expectations of everyone.

I started shedding tears, I felt a deep sharp pain in my heart that would not go away, I could not control the tears, I just held him tight and wept.

These were his words to me:

  • Pat you know what you carry on the inside.
  • You don’t have to think of what others would think because it’s all in your head.
  • You did not fail, you only missed a few steps.
  • It may and may not have been your fault, but quit blaming yourself.
  • Successful people usually have these kind of moments, so it’s no news.
  • The one who has never experienced failure will not know how to deal with it like you that have.
  • Trust me this is the difficult part but your comeback will be groundbreaking and people will wonder how you master success so well.

Failure is your secret code to success.

The next time after that I succeeded like never before and this time around it was with ease and when I was asked by a junior colleague how I did it; My answer was I KISSED FAILURE GOODBYE the moment I realized I was not a FAILURE. I only strategize and understood why I failed and I made up my mind never to be cut unprepared.

Don’t give up just yet and don’t worry about what others think of you.
Rewrite your success story and you’ll get it right this time.

I am PAT IMA and I love to raise World Changers.

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