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I Start World War Z To Get My Balance – DJ MacPrynzy Shares Success Story

I Start World War Z To Get My Balance - Young DJ Shares Success Story
Team CM: Hello Sir, we are pleased to have you on Musterpreneur. The program powered by  CampusMuster to promote student and young entrepreneurs and their businesses and to motivate other youth to obtain skill acquisitions and self-empowerment for the betterment of our country and world at large.
Quest: Thank you.
Team CM: It is a pleasure to have you on the program, please tell us your name, school, your discipline and level.
Quest: I am Princewill Peter, a 500 level Chemical Engineering student of Akwa Ibom State University.
Team CM: Where are you from?
Quest: I am from Akwa Ibom State, Essien Udim LGA. Ami nde atagha ajen annang.
Team CM: Funny! we appreciate your sense of humour. Tell us about yourself?
Quest: I am that small looking yet huge in age with an in-depth passion for entertainment.
 I love watching talents grow, I love advising and also love discussing with mature minds
Team CM: We understand that you are a student and entrepreneur. Tell us, what do you do?
Quest: I am the CEO of Lukratif Concept. 
Team CM: What does Lutratif Concept do?
Team CM: When was it established?
Quest: By God Grace brand DJ MacPrynzy was established 5years ago (2012) and in 2017 the brand had to grow and I came up with Lukratif Enterprise. Lukratif Enterprise is the umbrella name for all I do.
Team CM: what is the inspiration behind your passion for music and entertainment as a whole?
Quest: The inspiration is the passion, I just feel satisfied when listening to music and playing creatively to my audience. I believe the inspiration is good music.
Team CM: What is the effect of that on your personality and well-being?
Quest: Wow!! The effect is crazy. Well, on my personality, it has really exposed me.
  • The risk of walking alone late at night with my equipment.
  • All night standing.
  • Appreciation of good music.
  • It has really taught me how to satisfy my audience.
  • It has enhanced my manner of approach towards people.

For the well being, deejaying has really paid me. Money wise and with a lot of fame, not because I deejay but I do it right most times. All thanks to God for the amazing Grace.

Team CM: Do you have any achievements or milestones?

Quest: I won the class entertainment 2016 – DJ of the year and 2016 SUG best DJ of the year both at Akwa Ibom State University.

Team CM: Do you have mentors and role models?

Quest: Yes, I do. I look up to God as the beginning and ending of everything and to Rollet Oso. The man who brought me to the limelight, he nurtured me very well up til my present state. He deserve my maximum respect and loyalty. He is a cinematographer, photographer, a graphic designer and a one time deejay. Rollet is someone that anybody won’t regret meeting or working with. His social media fans can testify to that.


Team CM: How do you combine academics with work?
Quest: Sincerely it hard but you need to choose 1. I do my best in school but better in my deejay career. I am not that brilliant but I dey try. It’s not affecting me but at sometime I just take few risks and have regretted none. 
In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg
Team CM: How does your business affect the economy of the country?
Quest: First of all, the joy music brings can make one think straight and relaxed, which might as well create room for Ideas and innovations.
Some people work with music played through their earpiece, and they become very productive at that moment. That is why I am always making available music mix online for people to download and listen to.

See Mixtape: Free Download: AKSU Finest DJ MacPrynzy Releases 2017 Mixtape

Secondly, I am tutoring 2 guys and a girl on deejaying for free. It goes a long way to reduction of unemployment and acquisition of skills and self-empowerment which is the most important thing in the lives of the youth.
Team CM: We sincerely appreciate that. It shows how much of a big heart you’ve got. What are the challenges you have faced so far?
Quest: The risk of staying all night in a Place I am not familiar with. Walking by home late at night. Oh yeah, artist disturbance while on stage. Imagine you are trying to focus and an artist is beckoning on you to collect his track. This track was announced and asked to submit before the event. People not paying well, or some pay advance and to collect balance is war.
My biggest challenge so far happened on the 13 April 2017, when a rented amplifier worth 257,000naira was stolen. I haven’t paid up till now which the owner is still on me and have seized most of my credentials tho. It was stolen in school a locked place where I kept it. Anyway, that’s the much details I can give for now.
I just believe it is one of the life’s biggest challenge that every man must face. I hope I get out of it soon. All the same, it hasn’t dimmed my smile, life goes on… I will over come
Low pay.
Sometimes, you’re paid advance and to receive the balance you have to start WORLD WAR Z and NEED FOR SPEED. My biggest challenge so far happened on the 13th April 2017 when a rented amplifier worth 257,000 Naira was stolen. I haven’t paid up til date which the owner is still on me and have seized most of my credentials though. It was stolen in school after a pageantry event. 
I just believe it is one of the life’s biggest challenge that every man must face. I hope I get out of it soon. All the same, it hasn’t dimmed my smile, life goes on I will over come soon.
Team CM: Is your business open to investors?
Quest: Sure, I will gladly accept profitable investments, studio and entertainment network with a moderate percentage. Sincerely I am reliable. If you give me the deal, I will deliver beyond your imaginations.
Team CM: What would you like to appeal to them considering your business?
Quest: To investors out there, I am ready to make my passion put food on my table. All I need is the capital, I have my laid out plans and innovation. We go home all smiling.
Team CM: Do you encourage self-empowerment and skill acquisition?
Quest: Yes, I do encourage it over academics, even though it is necessary. It is time to build our nation, not with white collar jobs and huge title. The hairstylist, makeup artist, bloggers, barbers won’t have to wait for the government to provide for them. I will advice please pick a skill and develop on it. I will pay for sure.
Team CM: What do you have to tell your fellow students and the youth out there?
Quest: To the youth out there, it is not enough to just sit and watch. Get up, look for something doing, legal business, be creative, pray and put God first and don’t forget to help others.
Team CM: To those who would love to reach out to you, can you drop your contact details?
Quest: My email address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 08136310313
Facebook Username: Princewill McPrynzy Peter
Instagram and twitter: Dj MacPrynzy And my mix are uploaded on
Team CM: Thank you very much DJ MacPrynzy for finding out time to tell us about your career. We appreciate you and we pray that God will take you to a greater high in your career.
If you learnt anything from his success story. Please do us a favour of sharing it in the comment section below. If you are an Entrepreneur and you’d love to share your story too. Leave us a message on our Facebook Page message box CampusMuster.
Thank you.

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