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If I were you
I would sit beneath the light of our volunteer chandelier of stars
And wander into outer space with the space ship of my imaginations 
I would use the colours of my mind
To paint intricate images and scenes of my future

If I were you
I would not give all my time to vain things
For my jealous Lover – death is always waiting for me
I would make sure when I get into the arms of that jealous lover
I will be so empty that he will hate ever loving me

If I were you
I would never count any moment as wasted
Not even the second spent in the toilet
I would take every second as one new brick
That will increase my life’s wall and make it as sturdy as the steps of the giant

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If I were you
I would never dream of time waiting for me
Because it is as foolish as trying to remember someone I have never met
I would learn to wait for time
That when she finally arrives, I will grab her tightly and treat her like a queen

If I were you
I would never let the circumstance define my fate
I am too great to be defined
I would define the circumstance with my favourite words
That it will have no option but to obey

If I were you
I would walk on paths untrod
And try everything no one has ever tried
I would make my footprints so visible
That no sand can ever fill however it tries
If I were you
No matter how old or young
I would give out the best I can offer
Not minding the odds
I would treat everyone as a foe and an enemy
Because I do not know whom to trust

I am not you
But I’ve done my bit
Of reminding you of whom you are
Since am not you,
I’ve got to stop dreaming of doing things you would do
Because I’ve got a lot waiting for me
Now’s the time to be the best you can be

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