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Inexpensive Things to Know Before Leaving School

Inexpensive Things to Know Before Leaving School

Inexpensive Things to Know Before Leaving School

Finally, this day arrives and you are on the verge of leaving school. Filled with excitement about the A4 paper bearing good grades, but something is missing. At this moment you might have so many mistakes you would have to pay dearly for, for the rest of your life. The term wisdom goes beyond the knowledge of your discipline. It is the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advises ‘according to Oxford dictionary’.

After some time in a higher institution with a little experience of the outside world, I had to give myself the necessary advice rather than wait for the experience. Truly, it is a great teacher but its method of teaching seems to be really harsh on its students.

At one point or the other, Mr. Experience has lectured us on different facets of life. For all those who are at this point in their life (higher institution). I deemed it fit to get the following issues fixed since time travel doesn’t exist yet, we should prepare for the future.

  • You have to learn how to learn

One of the things you can’t ignore even on ones dying bed is learning. It is one thing that doesn’t end. Although it doesn’t end, there is a secret about learning that so many people are unaware of. This is probably one of the reasons students don’t learn, they only read to make grades in exams. This great secret of learning is;

  • You have to learn for the pleasures of learning.

Keep learning, no knowledge is useless. As soon as you stop seeing learning as the training for a trade in the nearest future you start making a wave. Even in school, it’s often noticed that most tutors unconsciously reward students who enjoy studying. In addition, if you develop the passion to learn, the work becomes much easier. There is one more thing, even if you generate the drive to gain knowledge, attach more focus on your principal field.

  • Upgrade your vocabulary

English is not an option. Extremely not. I’m well aware you might have been told this before. But I feel it’s just not enough to base my statements on assumptions. This might come in through one ear and it silts out of the other. But there are so many opportunities out there which you would gladly miss because of very little but avoidable errors in your choice of grammar. Do not miss it. English is a great weapon. If you do not have one, the number of ways available for success to walk away from you is brutally divided by 10.

If you do not like English it’s probably because of the strange way it’s taught in your previous schools. While in school, you are insulted because of errors and this makes you start a journey of being mute. This isn’t a way out. Do you want a secret? One can make oneself understood without knowing his regular verbs (and even without conjugating). It’s better to speak badly than to spend your life being afraid to make a sentence. The more errors you make, the more you drift towards perfection.

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  • Being Popular Doesn’t Count

Does being cool or popular really matter? Does it determine my success rate outside campus? The answer to this is a NO. When I got into the higher institution, I was a bit hidden and my life moved on well. Sometime along the line, I made new friends and gradually I was seen everywhere on campus.

So many people knew me and wanted to be found in my company. Gradually I began to notice I had made more mistakes than I should have ever made. Coupled with my popularity, my mistakes went viral. This wasn’t the best for me and shouldn’t be the case for anyone.

You want to go into politics after school, you want to be a performer, and you feel you would need audience after school? It’s awesome but you can get all those more efficiently when you gather from all corners at the same time. Get a calm mind, go underground as possible and when the time comes, your hit would be great. Besides you would have less poor ratings as not everyone sitting beside you is with you.

  • Working Does Not Pay!

Evolution! Yes, that’s the word for it. Times are on a constant change. Parents and tutors would never cease to advise you saying if you don’t get a nice grade, you’ll remain poor till eternity. Well in the outer world, your success rate is no longer decided by the grades you obtained in the higher institution.

Don’t keep the mindset that your results would be able to get you the perfect job to fend for you. Be careful, I’m not trying to say working is bad, it is better to work than to remain idle. But an entrepreneur’s mindset would give you the real financial freedom you deserve. Simply, it’s not the only variable at stake. So work does not always pay.

  • There is a trap!

At home, there is a manual called parents. In school, there is a manual call the tutor. Same applies to the outer world, there is a manual called friends. The difference between these manuals is thus; while the others point you in a different direction, friends are basically a reflection of you.

They think like you, talk like you and even act like you. This makes it more difficult for them to point you in the opposite direction. Even if your choice is the wrong one. Don’t blame them, it’s a pack of like minds the result ought to be the same. This doesn’t really mean you should avoid their advice. No, it means you should subject advice to scrutiny.

Don’t avoid friends either. In fact, the most effective antidote against this injustice is not walking alone, it is looking for someone outside your circle. Parent, uncle, or someone of an opposite sex.

Life is really short to be filled with errors and mistakes. This is definitely not all the things to look out for after school. You could assist us, leave your comments below.

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