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Introducing Vocal Strides with Abiyah

The limit to what you become is solely dependent on what you think about yourself.

Do you;

~think your voice sucks

~generate frequencies of unknown resonance capable of causing impediment to one’s hearing

~pee in your panties when you are called to minister (give a speech, sing) impromptu

~make your friends go on headset each time you sing

then Vocal Strides is the best option for you.

Just as the ‘do you’ list is endless our packages for you are illimitable.

• Create an excellent rhythmical sense

• express yourself vocally

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• captivate your audience’s attention during ministration.

  • You will also be  learn the proper use of intonation with respect to event, atmosphere, place, persons and time.

If you are in Akwa Ibom State, precisely in Uyo, listen to our radio broadcast on Uniuyo 100.7fm.

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All classes will be recorded and uploaded to this webpage, category-vocals

This is the chance to make the best out of your life, career, profession,

Maggie Smith said “speak your mind, even though your voice shakes”

Vocal strides will teach you to “speak your mind with boldness”.

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