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IS DEATH A GIFT? by Edidiong Emmanuel

she’s dead and no more

She’s as still as iron ore

She’s lying lifeless on the floor

She’s left life’s open door

She died in your arms

To your world, it brought great harm

Now, a smile, you won’t dare

Because you think life’s not fair

There is still a smile on her face

That makes you wonder

if she really had left this place

In your tears, everything is in a cloudy haze

It’s now you know that out of this world,

she had made her way When death comes Joy, it burns

When she dies The whole world cries

We are encamped by sorrowful emotions

Pain fills the nation

We’ve lost something dear to our generation

And our minds start roaming like a vehicle in motion

In your heart, there is this void

When you listen, you keep hearing the sound of her voice

Though everywhere, there is a lot of noise

On your neck,you feel a great poise

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The fear of living alone Is what grips your soul

You are left with no one to call your own

She was your only hope

When she was there She treated you like an egg

She showed you love She gave you a cause to laugh

Today, she left without saying ‘bye’

You never had the chance to say ‘hi’

But your hope shouldn’t die

Though when this happens, we all cry

Memories of her keep playing like a film without a sound

Your heart begins to pound

Tears starts dropping to the ground

You cry till your face turns brown

You wake in the morning

Just to find everyone mourning

When you had slept last night

Thinking you’ll wake to find her by your side

Life is like a light

You don’t know when it’ll be put out

Live your life like everyday is the last

As the only vote you want to cast

To the living, death brings pain

To the dead, it brings gain

All their burdens, it lifts

But I’d like to ask ‘IS DEATH A GIFT? ‘

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1 Comment
  1. Udoh Godwin says

    Being there and NO its not a gift

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