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Molestation – The Truth Without Photoshop

Molestation - The Truth Without Photoshop

Are you sorry for what took over you that night?
Or your sorry for destroying the walls of my human beings?
Either way I refused to be fooled.
I just have one question for you,
Why should your libido take the best part of you?
Do not relate that to my dressing.
Cos I was careful not to appear sexy.

It was a thick turtle neck long sleeve.
Although to you it was a transparent camisole.
Cos suddenly you had developed eyes with magnifier.
Or how could you have looked beyond the kaki I was wearing to see my naval?
It was such a daft clothes that should have repel those urges.
But you were not repel.
You were rather attracted to it like someone under a spell or something .

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I should have known that you were under the influence of the video on the screen.
You had duplicated every scene on your brain to practice with me.
But hey! You acted so cool when I walked into the room.
Simultaneously the atmosphere change.
And as a lion waiting for his prey
I was caught in your trap.

You started displaying what you saw on the screen with me.
But you were a terrible photocopy.
When you started squeezing my neck, to prevent me from screaming,
I began to choke,
You bend my arms in such a way that my bones were displaced.
I was in pains, I couldn’t struggle with you again.
And slowly you broke into my world.
My hymen broken and my emotions shattered.

But you won’t stop
My voice echoed .
That voice was louder than the disc you were playing.
Nobody want to help.
Maybe because I am not their daughter, wife or sister
But what if I become one someday.
Will the sorry change anything???
I just have one wish,
“that my daughters won’t repeat the story of my life ”

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