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My Auspicious Driving Lessons Series – Driving yourself to succeed part 1

MY AUSPICIOUS DRIVING LESSONS SERIES – Driving yourself to succeed part 1

Hello everyone here’s a motivational boost for the Week, and your deep desire to succeed has called for this beautiful inspiration from me.

Just this morning I was lost in the beautiful thoughts of how I’ve been able to keep succeeding despite the challenges I face daily, then I remembered when I first learnt how to drive a car.

Ok now just be patient with me and let’s learn together from my experience.

I will never forget the first day I learnt how to move a car from point A to point B. My driving lessons commenced as early as 6am in a primary school arena. I was lectured on the importance of the various components of the car starting from the foot pedals, the dash board, hand brake, the steering, the mirrors, the gears, the ancillary controls (the indicators), etc.

In my mind all I wanted was for the boring lecture to be over so that I could get to the business of the day which was driving. I thought to myself driving is easy, is it not just to press the accelerator and the car will start moving and then I’ll move to to the brake pedal and stop the car at will. Little did I know that there was more to driving than just doing those two things.

On day 2 of my driving lessons I was asked to start the car and move it around the arena and I did as instructed and trust me it was so easy doing that. And because of the confidence I put up my coach asked me to move the car slowly into the road and that was when I knew I hadn’t began driving.

I was scared like a pussy cat running away from a dog. It felt like everyone was going to hit me away from the road, the horn sounds from other vehicles increased my blood pressure by 10 mmHg, my eyes were more widened and I held the steering so firmly that it felt like I was struggling a piece of meat with my driving coach.

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On a lighter mood I was scared of the unknown and I didn’t want to fail. All my coach said to me was “Pat I believe in you, just look at the road and DRIVE, don’t bother about the other vehicles, they will eventually pass and go their way but that shouldn’t make you lose focus,continue on your speed and when you are good at driving you will be able to accelerate to any speed of your choice”. Wow I calmed down and just kept moving at my slow steady speed.

I have a lot to write on my driving lessons experience but I’ll continue the story on Saturday 2nd September 2017, so keep up with the date.


  • In life wake up early and begin each day with the drive to succeed
  • Yes it’s going to be risky and difficult to drive yourself to your desired goal but you can’t just learn how to drive in your compound alone so you need to get out there and drive
  • Before you begin to drive yourself take out time to develop yourself by learning the basics such as what do I need to do? How do I improve myself? What network should I look out for? How do I go about it?
  • Don’t be scared of the many other competitors who has had years of experience. Just know your speed limit and keep up with it until you get better with the steering.
  • Be good at believing in yourself. Only you can achieve your set goals.
  • Enjoy the beginning phase of your experience because they will serve as lessons for tomorrow

And always remember that everyone had a starting phase, and no one was born with the ability to drive a car from day one, they all learnt it at some point and became better and better with time.

I am PAT IMA and genuinely believe that you will succeed if you pay attention to details.

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