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Poem by Edidiong Emmanuel

Trapped at the door of your mind
Are creative potentials you’ve left to hide
Trying to break forth but you made the blind
I am telling you that now is right time
To pour those potentials out of the bottle like wine
Let them out

Those potentials will brighten your day
And give you the chance to say
Yes! I know the way.
The way to make the world a better place
And make it peaceful to stay
Let them out

Opportunity, they say knocks but once
Things can only happen if given a chance
Those potentials are crying to come out,please hear their voice
Don’t hide them like you have no other choice
Everyone, I say
‘Let them out’

Would you love to continue in want?
And harvest like an ant?
These potentials will clear your world of all doubts
But they have all been locked by our minds
That traps them as if in a hive
Let them out

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You were created with talents
You’re distinct from every other person
Don’t let men say you are a dumb head and make you relent
You need to strive and keep pressing
Those potentials will make you competent
Let them out

You keep thinking of how you want your world to be
But your vision is very dim
You need to know you are the only one that has the keys
To unlock those potentials and make your hands work with ease
Let them out

The potentials to lift us high
Are not to hide
Use your hands and body to show the works of your mind
Else they will be blown away by the wind
And will never come back
Leaving our world black and blank
Let them out

Letting the potentials out will cost nothing
But leaving them at the door will cost everything
It will break our heads
Leaving us in a world full of struggles
That we can never take off the hurdles
Let them out

There is a you in you
The world is waiting to see
Without that you in you, there’ll be no you
The you in you is the best you can be
Let those potentials break forth through you
Let them out

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  1. Udoh Godwin says

    I will pour them out

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