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You do not have to avoid these completely, but watch how much of if you take into your body.


A big reason for the drop in stomach cancer over the last century is refrigeration. This has greatly reduced the need to pickling foods to preserve them. Nitrates are often used in pickling for flavor and to prevent bacterial growth.

However, nitrates are converted to cancer-causing nitrosamines during digestion. Vitamin A and C, beta-carotene and other antioxidants can inhabit the cancer-causing potential of nitrosamines. Eating ample fresh vegetables and fruits may counteract any risk from pickled foods.


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Mayonnaise contains very high calories and a potential for food poison. If you eat a sandwich made with mayonnaise. Cut the amount in half by spreading it on one slice of the bread only. Try mustard or ketchup in your sandwich instead of mayonnaise.

They have no fat and few calories. Or cut the calories in the spread by mixing it half and half with low-fat plain yogurt or buttermilk.


Smoking was once essential for preserving meat and fish. But hundreds of component have so far been identified in smoke. These includes; alcohols, acid, phenols and several other toxic and possibly even cancer-causing substances. The chemicals inhibit the growth of bacteria and slow the breakdown of fat.

Similarly, cured meats are high in nitrates the same trouble maker in prickling which combines with amino acid during cooking and digestion to form cancer-causing nitrosamines.

The risk of cancer from nitrates is small, especially when compared to the risk of coronary disease from getting too much saturated fat plentiful in smoked meat or salted meats. Make sure you eat them only occasionally and in moderate amount.

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