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RUSH HOUR- The Race of Life

RUSH HOUR- The Race of Life

I recall those days when we were much younger, we’ll organize mock races and have someone act as an umpire, then we will all stand in a horizontal line and the umpire will shout “on your mark, get set… GO☞☛”.

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We could be nine amateur athletes and at the sound ‘go’ the fast ones like me will start the race swiftly heading for the finishing ‘wall’ the slow ones on seeing that they didn’t stand a chance will shout “come back o, we weren’t ready” some would say “I was trying to wear my slippers” and funny enough the umpire will call off the race and ask everyone to come back for a rerun and we could continue like that the whole day without ever running the intended race.

But the #reality_of_the_race_of_life is that there is NO RERUN, unlike those childish mock races were the slow ones could initiate or call off a race. The race of your life began at conception, but consciously/unconsciously before we realize that we had already been conscripted in the race of life, we are probably in our teens, early twenties or thirties. In the race of life even time itself is running…. to be continued.


Scripted by Goodnews Whyte

Beautiful piece endorsed and recommended by Pat Ima

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