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Should I ask him?

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Campus helpdesk
Campus helpdesk

Hy Muster, my name is Delphine (real name withheld) F, 23, UNIUYO. I have been friends with a colleague for more than 6 months now. He is a 100 level engineering, I am studying genetics and bio technology. He is tall, cute, good looking and intelligent but he’s an introvert .  Most times, he assist me with my assignment, we eat together and we do a lot too in common.

This is the end of our first year and he hasn’t said anything. I am not surprised because he doesn’t have a girl and according to him to shy to ask a girl out. I am scared things might be different when the newly admitted students resumes school.

I don’t want to loose and this has got me thinking.. Should I ask him out?


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