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(Proverbs 18:21a)

”Oh no… I’ll fail that test” A friend once said after writing a physics test.

“Why?” We chorused.

“I don’t know but I just feel I’ll fail the test” was his response.
When the test result was posted, he scored disgracefully low. The teacher was so disappointed as he was one of his brightest students.

There was no doubt about it. He was bound to fail. He said it himself  – we bore witness – Heaven recorded it.

Remember, “Verily I say to you, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven”… (Matthew 18:18)

You see? Whatever you say is recorded in Heaven and Heaven is a specialist at granting your every wish. What did you say this morning? Hope it wasn’t anything bad. If it was – please, use the same tips to cancel such words.

Whatever you say goes a long way into your life. It can build, destroy, fix or mar your future. With whatever you speak, your life can be transformed – “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue…” (Proverbs 18:21a)

When you face hard times, you need not complain – speak into the situation – speak change, speak prosperity, speak progress.

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Have you ever wondered why some people progress more than others? The answer is simple – words do the magic. Those who know the power of words hold the key to the door of success. Those who use words wisely know the secret to prosperity. “The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness”… (Proverbs 15:2)

Your mouth is like the voice command for a robot. You say “go” and it goes, “shoot” and it shoots, keep mute and it performs no action. Your words are the command codes that guide your destiny. When you are in a sick bed, speak life. If you’re facing challenges, speak success. Eventhough you’re applying for a job, speak promotion.

Words are like the drug injected through the syringe of the mouth that goes into your whole system and makes things better ~ gives you a sound health, promotion, success, children and every good thing you need and will ever need. Words, when spoken perform the long-awaited magic.

Being a pessimist is the greatest harm you can do to yourself. Optimists rule the world because “Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones”… (Proverbs 16:24) If you say ” I am…”, whatever follows the I am is what follows you. If you say “I am beautiful’, beauty follows you. If you say ” I am in such a mess “, that messy situation follows you. No matter what happens to you, speak those sweet words into every sphere of your life – academics, health, finance…and you’ll see the impossible turn possible within the blink of an eye.

Is your lecturer hard to deal with? Don’t say “I know that man. He’ll make me fail the course” but say “I know that man quite well but he sure can’t mess with my grades. He won’t treat me like he treats others”. The words look pretty simple and useless but they are pretty powerful.

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself why people pray in the morning? Most people use this medium to tell the day what they expect to see throughout the day. I was praying with my Dad one morning and I heard him speak as if he was physically having a conversation with someone. He said ” listen to me now. I know you’re here to hurt some people but it can’t be me. Let me tell you one thing – if you have anything to offer to me, it shall be goodness, mercy, grace and favour. I am glad you showed up at the right time. Today, you are a blessing to me”. I really loved his faith. He knew the power of words and I must confess – that day was indeed a blessing.

If you get into the examination hall and all you think of is a failure. Hmmmm! It is certain that you will fail. Just hold your writing materials and speak into them. Speak into the actions of the invigilator and do your best.

Your faith is manifested in the kind of words you speak in every circumstance. If you can’t speak aloud, whisper – meditate. It’s not necessary to shout aloud but make sure you think positively of yourself.

There’s power in your words. Be mindful of what you say..

Speak today and perform the magic.

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