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Rest is essential for the general well-being of the human system but too much of it makes us become ineffective, inefficient and irrelevant in the society. Sometimes, we just can’t cope with our daily chores, academic schedule, extracurricular activities, like; Gaming, writing, reading, etc. We get fed up, laziness encamps our whole being and we leave everything we are supposed to do and think of how to relax and stop all the running around.

Laziness is what makes people with full potentials to achieve certain things become mediocre in the society. We need to know that work and rest can be combined to give us the required result and laziness is not an option. The aim of this article is to unravel the mystery behind the combination of rest and work.

It is pertinent that we understand the meaning of ‘LAZINESS’ and ‘REST’. Laziness is that state of being unwilling to do work or make an effort. Rest is a state of quiet and relaxation, it is a state of peace and freedom from worry, anxiety, annoyance or anything that makes the mind unstable.

The opposite of laziness is hard work and the opposite of rest is work. They have something in common. When we get lazy, we cannot achieve anything no matter how small it maybe. Avoiding laziness takes a lot of boldness, courage and discipline but resting requires pleasure, calmness which is quite the opposite.

If these two things – work and rest are carried along at reasonable proportions, you’ll have an ineffable increase in your achievements.I have painstakingly picked important of the numerous ways of combining rest and work. From my personal research, most of the steps will be familiar to you, the other might not. What matter is your ability to apply it correctly.

The steps are;

* Set A Goal

‘Set a goal?’ Someone would ask.

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Yes! Set a goal. Define what you want to achieve and work towards it. Goal setting has a very calming effect on the mind as you know what you want to achieve and do not feel too anxious or disturbed. Remember, rest is freedom from worry and anxiety. You can set a goal to read at night and while trying to achieve this, avoid taking heavy food at night and make sure you sleep with your lights on or set an alarm to wake you.

* Do Few Things at a Time

Crowding your mind with a long list of things that has to be done leaves you in a state of restlessness, worry and anxiety. Few things at a time will help you get more relaxed and focused. From experience, I have noticed that with too many books and files on your desk, you feel so lazy and end up attending to none but few books and files get more relaxed attention.

* Get Organized

Doing few things at a time helps you get organized. Place your goals in order of priority and try to achieve one at a time. Being organized physically, mentally, academically and otherwise helps place your mind in a state of rest and you’ll be able to achieve more.

* Have Some Time for Yourself

Reading and working all day long will get you stressed out. Why not try relaxing? It mustn’t be sleeping. You can meditate or even walk around your room. Going outside and watching cars pass by till you think of nothing else is an effective way to rest. Listening to music will help as much as taking a 20 minutes nap.

If you can deal with rest and work, you’re ready for success as a student..

By: Edidiong Emmanuel,


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