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Student: Overcoming financial instability.

Talking about financial instability as a student, if we have an association, I would have been its president since my first year at school was no fun. There are a lot of monetary ideas, but the question is how many of them work?

You spend a lot of time and resources to access this tips, only to find out that they do not have a directory, no solid plan for your application and a sense of impossibility.

Academics (studying) is very interesting when you have spare cash to take care of yourself, buy study material, pay dues without being harassed or forced to (by crazy course representatives), etc.

Most of the students trek a long distance to school almost every day, not because they are happy doing it, but because they do not have enough money to take the taxi. You do not need to contact home all the time over simple issues you should fix on your own.

It did not take an accountant or entrepreneur to advise me on how to make money while in school. After my first hunger experience during my 100 level, my brain was open to realism and ideas started flowing in

First, I realized that I am a Graphic designer, and the were a lots of programs going on in and outside school. From birthday parties, get-together, house parties, campus fellowship programs, etc. I opted to help design their flyers, posters, complimentary cards for staff and some working class students.

I also manage blogs and Facebook page of businesses around the campus.

There is this female colleague of mine, who attended a fashion designing school before she was offered admission. She makes interior decorations for fellowships and birthdays, she would also sew beautiful dresses for female student and she earns heavily.

Being broke in school is a personal decision, if you can rearrange your schedule, time yourself, open your mind to new ideas, study your environment and advertise yourself, then money will be inevitable.


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• Anchoring events (Master of Ceremony)

• Interior decorations, designing clothes, making beads.

• Phone repairs, software installation.

• Website management, page manager, blogging.

• Organising tutorial.

• Event management, cake designing.

•Writing articles for magazines and blogs.

The list is inexhaustible, money do not grow like grass and you can not access it without devoting something to it. Your time, your nights, resources, even finances (capital). When I present this ideas to student, the object it with excuses like am a science student why start event management or fashion designing.

All you need do is to understand what you have passion for, study your environment and look out for the relationship between your passion and the environment.

In subsequent articles, I will inform you on businesses with low capital, less time input and great productivity. I will also educate you on how to run a successful business without having your academics at stake. Don’t forget to subscribe for our newsletter and like our facebook page CampusMuster for updates.

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