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The Importance and Consequences of Protein


Protein is essential in the human body to build and repair body tissues. It is essential for regulation of metabolism, digestion and maintenance of fluids balance. Antibodies for healthy immune systems are developed with the help of proteins (high resistance to diseases and infections). They are converted to energy if the supply of carbohydrate in the diet is insufficient.

Source of Protein

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Fish, meat, beef, pork, turkey, chicken, kidney, liver, egg, milk, cheese, corn, peanut, peas, beans, navy beans, prawns, mushroom, walnuts, baked beans, etc.

Consequences of Protein

Meat and other animal sources are the most excessive intake of proteins especially animal protein like beef, chicken, lamb, pork, kidney, liver, eggs, etc. Animal proteins are rich in saturated fat.

Over indulgence of protein causes colon of cancer and burdens the kidney by forcing them to excrete the resulting excess nitrogen as urea.

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