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There was nothing but darkness
He moved upon the face of the dark water-filled earth
He called everything into existence
And made that which was, and is, and is to come

He then dropped His son from His throne
Who fell to the earth through a virgin’s loins
He was God, yet, He wore human flesh
He moved around with open arms to welcome…

He was given thorns for a crown
Carried a weighty cross and traveled far away to Calvary
Bruised and weak, He fell and rose
Bang! Bang! The nails went into His palms

Splash! Splash! Gushed blood from His sides
Zap! The curtains were thorn
Darkness stole away the light of the day
Confussion was everywhere they looked

The worst had been done
The son of man was gone
All my sins He had borne
But am I reborn?
Down from the cross into a tomb, he went
Bruu! The stone was rolled away
Piaawn! He was lifted into the sky
I watched carefully as the scenes were displayed on my television screen

That was the last time I saw Him
What about now?
He is everywhere but there’s a big log in our eyes
Look! Feel! And you’ll see Him standing right in front of you

With holes in His palms
Tears in His eyes
Arms opened wide
Waiting for you

Run now to Him
Before He comes a second time
It’s never too early but can get too late
Don’t dare think that was the last time you saw Him

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