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Tomorrow Never Dies – Pat Ima

Tomorrow Never Dies – Pat Ima

Be careful of who you undermine today because you only know what they are today but definitely not what they’ll be tomorrow. Tomorrow determines who a man has grown to become while today shows only what the man is at the moment.

Just be careful! You see that house-boy who is putting on a torn boxer today, he might just turn out to be the Senator tomorrow, all he needed today was proper guidance and correction. Don’t be too full of yourself. That you don’t see beyond your nose doesn’t mean there isn’t a mouth below it.

Life is a circle because while we care for those who seem weak today, tomorrow when the coin is flipped, the weak ones will master strength to become super strong to come back and support the strong ones who are now weak.

Love and support people on your way to the top, life gets easier and better that way.

I am #Pat_Ima and I’m here to raise world changers and bless you with multiple stream of wisdom.

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