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AKSU Student Reveals Secret To His Bottomless Bank Account – Uwakmfon Michael

Best Innovative Students Will Receive N100,000 Start-up Cash - CEO, Ultimate Cleaning - Uwakmfon Michael

Team CM: Hello, welcome to another amazing episode of Musterpreneur. The program powered by  CampusMuster to promote student and young entrepreneurs, their businesses, and to motivate other youth to obtain skill acquisitions and self-empowerment for the betterment of our country and world at large. Today, we are hosting a very special figure from Akwa Ibom State University. Welcome to the Musterpreneur.

Guest: Thank you CampusMuster, indeed its an honour to be on this platform. I appreciate you bring me on board.


Team CM: It is a pleasure to have you on the program. Please tell us your name, school, your discipline and level.

Guest: My name is Uwakmfon Okon Michael, a 300L student of Akwa Ibom state university, studying Marine Engineering.

Team CM: Can you please give us a highlight of your origin and background?

Uwakmfon Michael: Well. I’m the fourth and last child in the family of Mr Okon Michael. I am an indigene of Ikot Inyang in Etinan local government area, Akwa Ibom state.

Team CM: Great! You have been recognized as a student entrepreneur. Tell us, what do you do?

Uwakmfon Michael: I had my first laundry business at the age of 18 years. Later, I developed it into a cleaning company. We’ve cleaned several corporate bodies, offices, homes and companies. We have a workforce of over 170 staffs.

Currently, I look forward to setting up entrepreneurial classes to help educate and motivate students and youths to be industrious and self-independent. After which I will be rewarding the best innovative students with N100,000 cash to start up any business.

Team CM: What is the name of your cleaning company and which year was it established?

Uwakmfon Michael: Ultimate Cleaning Company. It is located at Nepa Line Avenue, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. It was launched 2015

Team CM: What inspired an 18-year-old boy to start a laundry business?

Uwakmfon Michael: I have always been seeing myself as a leader and an undependable man.  I find it so difficult to be asking for money from my parents for feeding or to solve needs. Boldly, I can say, that alone prompted me to start up something.

Also, I enjoy giving a lot. Most times, I will end up spending a lot of money in a day trying to help people who have issues or various challenges. It leaves me broke at the end.

Team CM: What is the effect or impact your company has on your personality and well-being?

Uwakmfon Michael: Paying my bills, having my own money, being a part of something bigger than myself, leading the overseeing of 170 staffs, supporting other students financially. I feel proud of whom I have become. I am happy and I feel blessed.

In my first year, the faculty of engineering, Akwa Ibom State University could not host a complete faculty week. It was a huge disappointment. I promised myself to intervene if the need arises and in my 200 level, I join the planning committee and the 2017 engineering week was remarkable. In attendance, where dignitaries and personalities from within and outside the state.

In my 300 level, I spearheaded the 2018 Engineering week, which I hosted the Honorable commissioner for works, Engr. Etido Inyang, Upper X, Zillions and a host of others. I have successfully managed the Mr and Miss AKSU over the years and help impact students live positively.

Additionally, I do not regret my decision on starting a business. It has been my motivation for all the years.

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Team CM: Wow, that’s a lot of achievement. You seem to be a people’s kind of person. Aside from your entrepreneurial targets, are your political aspirations?

Uwakmfon Michael: To an extent, I will say Yes

Team CM: To what extent would you pursue a political career?

Uwakmfon Michael: For now. I’m only interested in projecting Akwa Ibom State University to the world. I’m only interested in making sure AKSU is being known worldwide. For now, I’m ready to push for any offices in my school so I can actualize my dream

Team CM: What are the flaws and issues you’ve noticed in AKSU and how can you fix it

Uwakmfon Michael: Beautiful question. First of all, my greatest concern is in the social life of the students. If I have an opportunity, I will love to help host a night that will have the likes of Timaya, Simi, Iyanya and the likes of others.

Then, the welfare of the student is also one thing I want to look into, most students have issues paying their fees. I intend meeting corporate bodies and companies to help seek for their financial support and scholarships to enable students to pay their fees.

Medically, we are lacking health facilities. I intend to see how I can partner with CMD to help resuscitate the place. This and many more is what I will love to do, If I have an opportunity

Team CM: If you are given the position of the SUG president of Akwa Ibom State University, what changes will you great?

Uwakmfon Michael: My major focus will be to lay the foundation for an ultra modern student union secretariat. Furthermore, I will also create relationships with corporate bodies either by signing of MOU to ensure AKSU students have access to first-hand scholarships.

Finally, I will initiate a skill acquisition class to ensure students are being taught different skills and also start an entrepreneurial class to equip the students morally and financially after their training

Team CM: This is getting very interesting, how do you balance academics with your business and politics?

Uwakmfon Michael: I make decisions on my daily activities with respect to its preference. My number one motive and priority in the university is my academics. I don’t play with it. Every other thing is extracurricular.

However, I spend time in school to fill up myself academically. I only participate in political activities when I am needed and my services wanted.

Team CM: That is very impressive. You are a true visionary. What do you have to tell your fellow students and the youth out there?

Uwakmfon Michael: I believe the year 2019 will be a very good year for AKSU. As the 2018 election will usher in good and credible students who will come in and create a lasting impact.

For the youths, I believe this is a time for us to rise up to political relevance, the country and state needs us now.

Team CM: Thank you, Mr. Uwakmfon Michael, CEO – Ultimate Cleaning for carving out time to be on Musterpreneur. We pray God to help you accomplish all your visions and aspirations to the students of Akwa Ibom State University.

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