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Why You Must Stay Inspired For Greater Things

It’s a beautiful day to make you stay inspired. Every one is born with a gift. Everyone has a unique sense of purpose. We all are connected in one way or another, and this connection makes life beautiful.

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There are times where I would want everything to look and be perfect but funnily they turnout opposite, even at that I don’t give up.

I have sometimes practiced all night only to come out in the morning and get disappointed with my results, but one thing I always do is to keep my spirit and my morale up.

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One of my mentors once told me “Pat until you fail again, and again, and again, and again, then, and only then will the worth of success be truly understood and valued.

Oh many times I’ve promised myself good profit but what I get can barely make up for my losses not to talk of getting a profit, yet I have never conceited to defeat.

One thing I always do is to never give up!

Everyday before I go to bed I replay the episodes of occurrences that ensued for the day in my head;

  • I lay out my lessons and learn from them.
  • I try not to repeat the same mistakes
  • I love and commend myself for trying
  • I learn new wisdom and strategies
  • Then I leave the things I can’t control to God because He’s the maker of times and seasons, so he knows how to handle what I can not handle best, and perfect my imperfections.

Stay true! Stay Strong! Stay Motivated!

The world is yet to see the best of you.

Choose to succeed at all times.

I am PAT IMA and I choose to succeed at all times.

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God bless you

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